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Garden visiting is a national pastime and our finest parks and gardens are acclaimed internationally - yet they still have no statutory protection despite their vulnerability to modern pressures to change. Many fine gardens and parks have been lost or irretrievably damaged.

The Gardens Trust Movement is a direct response to this threat. The first Gardens Trust was founded in Sussex in 1980 and Warwickshire Gardens Trust was established in 1991. There are now thirty six county gardens trusts in England

Warwickshire Gardens Trust works within the old boundaries of the traditional county of Warwick. It aims to record and conserve gardens and parks of outstanding quality, and monitor threats to them.

Our aim is to raise public awareness of these gardens and parks, promoting the appreciation of them by lectures, visits and exhibitions.

We provide members with a programme of lectures, visits, seminars and newsletters.


Packington Park Open Days 14-15 May, 2-5 pm

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Plan signed L Brown, 1751 by courtesy of Lord Aylesford

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By kind permission of Lord and Lady Aylesford. Guided walks of Capability Brown Landscape every half hour. Packington was one of Brown’s earliest commissions and has the only surviving Brown plan in Warwickshire. He visited in 1750 and produced a plan in 1751 for the Hall Lake and the surrounding planting. This was subsequently implemented. Visitors can follow the trail as well as visit the later gardens. Teas available. Admission 5

More Capability Brown 300 events

Warwick Castle Park in the shadow of a housing estate. Appeals allowed


Mill Garden, Warwick

Capability Brown’s bank account. Brown banked with Drummonds, now owned by RBS. As their contribution to the tercentenary celebrations and the dozens of bits of research on Brown and his contacts now under way, RBS have published his pages online. Access is free, but an application form and copyright declaration must be completed before a password is received. Slightly convoluted, but definitely worth it. Thankyou RBS!

If you would like to draw our attention to a garden- related issue, or publicise a garden event, please contact us.

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