Warwickshire Gardens Trust


Hazel Fryer, “Warwick Castle park”


Christine Hodgetts, “A Scottish Gardener at Warwick Castle”


Jennifer Meir, “Arbury Hall, the Gardens and the Estate”


Maureen Harris “A new 18c flower border at Allesley Park Walled Garden”


David Howells, “The trees of Jephson Gardens”


Robin Stott, “Walks and views in Leamington’s New town”


Christine Hodgetts, “A walk round Compton Verney park”


Margaret Devitt, “From Garden Boy to head Gardener”


Christine Hodgetts, "Burnt Norton."


Norma Hampson, "Stoneleigh Abbey between the Wars."


Geoffrey Smith "Proposed revisions to the Gardens at the Guildhall Henley in Arden."


John Pettiger, "The Mount Pleasure Grounds, Monkspath."


Robin Stott, "Walk the Leamington Spa Gardens."


Paul Edwards, "Leamington Spa Railway Station."


Jonathan Lovie, "The Designed Landscape at Rugby School."


Norma Hampson, "The Journal of Cassandra Willoughby, 1670-1735."


Christine Hodgetts, "Kenilworth Castle and its landscape."


Geoffrey Smith, "The Mill Garden, Warwick."


David Howells, "Charles Maries, Warwickshire's plant hunter."


Ken Cockshull, "The Charles Maries Trail." (Hampton Lucy)


Jennifer Meir, "Profile of Sanderson Miller."


Maureen Harris, "Fruitful lines of enquiry."


Paul Edwards, "Stanway House and Fountain."


Geoffrey Smith, "The Priory at Warwick after Henry Wise."


Norma Hampson, "Farewell the Firs."


Norma Hampson, "Lost villa gardens at Stratford upon Avon."


Jonathan Lovie, ""The next train is for Knowle necropolis only": Birmingham's response to the Victorian burial crisis."


Maureen Harris, "Opportunities for education in historic landscape projects."


John Webb, "Reflections of a teenager at work on a nursery, 1943-47."


Jonathan Lovie, "Bertie Greatheed an the development of Guys Cliffe, Warwick, as a picturesque landscape"


David Howells, "Creating an ornamental woodland on an historic industrial site" (Rock Mill, Milverton)


Sarah Rutherford, "Landscapes for the mind" (Victorian mental asylums)


Marion Blockley, "An introduction to Warley Woods, Smethwick."


Jennifer Meir, "The Great Terrace at Farnborough."


Norma Hampson, "Extracts from the diaries of Eleanor Archer."


Christine Hodgetts, "a conservation case history." (Emscote Lawn, Warwick)


Norma Hampson, "Ryon Hill House."


Norma Hampson, "Newbold Comyn Hall."


David Worthington, "The Popes: nurserymen of the West Midlands."


Norma Hampson, "Ranelagh Gardens, Leamington Spa."


Andrew and Lallie Cox, "A millennium folly." (Woodpeckers, Bidford on Avon)


Jennifer Meir, "Cadland House: the landscape garden at the cottage."


Jonathan Lovie, "Bitham Hall, Avon Dassett."


Geoffrey Smith, "Henry Wise's plan for the Priory at Warwick."


Maureen Harris, "Shakespeare's gardens at New Place, Stratford."


Norma Hampson, "Stratford upon Avon borough cemetery."


Linda Butcher, "Beaudesert Park mansion."


Jonathan Lovie, "Thomas Mawson and the Arts and Crafts Garden in Warwickshire."


Maureen Harris, "Lady Herbert's garden, Coventry."


Edward Percival, "A lifetime of gardening."


Paul Edwards, "Warwick Castle Park, the hunting lodge."


Jane Brown, "Jeffrey Jellicoe." 


Norma Hampson, "Watergall."


Jeryl Smith-Ryland, "Sherbourne Park, Sherbourne, Warwick."


Christopher K. Currie, "Archaeological excavations at Castle Bromwich Hall gardens."


Norma Hampson, "Sophie Newdigate's Notebook, 1753."


Rachel Berger, "Kitty Lloyd Jones, lady gardener and nursery woman."


Margaret and Don Hanson, "Manor Farm, Holywell."





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